Regional Economic Development Madison Region Economic Partnership (Mad Rep)

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Madison Region Economic Partnership (MadREP) is the lead economic development agency for the eight-county Madison Region with a vision to create a dynamic environment where people and businesses thrive.

MadREP fills an important role in Wisconsin’s economic development landscape, serving as a partner and collaborator to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and other state agencies, as well as economic development initiatives within counties, municipalities, chambers of commerce, and the private sector.

Under the umbrella of the Advance Now Strategy, our services include:

  • Proactive business retention and expansion efforts
  • Targeted business attraction via outreach to site selection professionals and in response to prospect inquiries
  • Strategic development of target industries, including agriculture, information technology, life sciences, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing
  • Expansion of international opportunities for regional businesses, including exporting and foreign direct investment
  • Delivery and analysis of economic data that affects the Madison Region
  • Mapping of industry supply chains to identify and address gaps, disconnects, and opportunities
  • Convening education/workforce development professionals and business/industry representatives to address human capital needs
  • Support of physical innovative spaces and expansion of entrepreneurship resources across the region
  • Technical assistance to entrepreneurs, including help with market valuation, market position, and value proposition
  • Marketing the Madison Region’s economic development assets and opportunities to national and international audiences
  • Expanding access to business and leadership opportunities for emerging and minority professionals
  • Convening the region’s economic development professionals to collaborate and leverage resources to achieve common goals

455 Science Drive
Suite 160
Madison, WI  53711

phone: (608) 571-0420

Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin


The Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin serves a six-county area to make positive economic change in the local area and beyond. It is a one-stop workforce development connection for businesses, workers and leaders in Columbia, Dane, Dodge, Jefferson, Marquette and Sauk counties. We also work with people and organizations throughout the region to make our area a better place to work and do business. 

Because our role is to build bridges and forge partnerships that strengthen the workforce, we are driven to deliver solutions that work for businesses, workers and communities. We support the global economy yet retain a quality of life that forms the foundation of an area in which profitable businesses want to locate and skilled workers want to live.

3513 Anderson Street
Suite 104
Madison, WI 53704

(608) 249-9001

Successful Businesses

A highly skilled workforce keeps business competitive as it adapts to a perpetually changing marketplace. We are working to develop strong industry partnerships that engage local businesses from across the region to inform, invest, and support workforce pipeline development efforts. These partneships enable businesses in key industry sectors to connect with each other, identify shared needs of an industry, and work with parnters to design new systems that will solve the identified problems.

Successful Workers 

Whether unemployed, underemployed or dislocated, we connect workers with the information and training they need to enjoy high-wage employment in high-growth industries.

Successful Communities 

A thriving economy supported by a skilled workforce makes South Central Wisconsin an attractive place to start, expand and sustain a business, perpetuating a strong and growing economy.